The Lonetones

Dumbing All Down CD Cover


          "The Lonetones hit it out of the park with this one."

                    - Steve Wildsmith, Maryville Daily Times


"The Lonetones make music that’s beautiful, beguiling and consistently captivating, and with Dumbing It All Down they prove once again why wider recognition is not only due, but likely only a matter of time. 

          - Lee Zimmerman, No Depression

"McColloughs deep, sultry vocals and Gunnoe’s soft, fairy-like tones are one thing on their own, but when they merge together with each track’s textured instrumentation, something almost magical happens....This is easily one of the best albums to come out of the local scene for quite some time."

          - Alec Cunningham, Blank Newspaper

The excellent song writing, vocals and instrumentation that have marked previous Lonetones releases are brought, on “Dumbing It All Down,” to another level. It’s tighter while being more expansive, focuses on the loss of nuance while delivering it in every direction and sends the group’s musical message to new heights. Here’s hoping it reaches the fans it deserves.

          - Alan Sims (Inside of Knoxville Blog)