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  • Feb 18
    The Open Chord Knoxville
  • Mar 8
    Folk At Fourth Knoxville
  • Mar 23
    Barley's Taproom Knoxville

What others are saying:

 Ultimately, the Lonetones are so wonderfully eclectic that they transcend definition and descriptions are only approximations. So it is best to come out and hear them.... These Knoxville artists collaborate and make very rare music that belongs here and everywhere—hence their originality—hence their name. —Zeno Songbird, Knox Music Warehouse.


The Lonetones have perfected contemporary Appalachian music. - Blank Newspaper


 I expected to like this CD [Modern Victims], but not necessarily to go crazy over it, but that's what I've done. One minute I love Steph's songs and the next I'm thinking I lean more toward Sean's. Of course, the whole is greater than the parts in this case. I can't stop listening. 

- Knox Urban Guy, Inside Knoxville


We had the great pleasure of playing a small festival in a beautiful setting out in the country on Sunday. The weather was amazing! It was a benefit for the Citizens Against the Pellissippi Parkway Extension. Also on the bill were Jimmy Davis, Sarah Pirkle & Jeff Barbra, Greg Horne, Jay Clark and Daniel Kimbro. Below is a video from the performance. It was taken with a cell phone from far away. You can hear the bugs in the background. But it came out pretty well all in all and gives a sense of what a nice scene it was. 



September 20, 2013 @10:48 am
Hello Steph & Sean How are you guys doing? Must tell you how much we enjoyed spending time with you! During the apartheid days, the music scene in South Africa was amazing as the protest songs were as good as those during the Vietnam days. We had several years of Woodstock - known to us as Wits Free Peoples concert. The music has become pretty pedestrian sine those days - nice to spend hours listening to you guys. Keep playing - hopefully one day you can bring your amazing music to South Africa. We have our kids listening and enjoying you music Take Care Howard, Veronica, Stuart & Jenny
 - Howard Diesel
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