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The Lonetones

A return to our folkadelic side, this recording turned out to be a great collaboration. It began with Steph's floating chord progression, vulnerable vocals and intriguing lyrics. Then Jamie and Vince fleshed out the feel with a wonderful, dreamy groove. But Sean was kind of stuck. He had tried every instrument in my arsenal over the years that we played this live and had kind of settled on electric guitar. But he felt that he couldn't nail it. So, we sent it to our friend Sean O'Connell. He came up with the guitar riff to pull it all together - playing it on his electric tenor guitar. Then he played some ambient concertina and tasty tenor guitar licks for the outro - all giving me something to play off of. Add Willa Mae's backup vocals and this is what you get.

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Introducing the Band

The Lonetones are a genre-bending, modern-folk band from Knoxville, TN. Driven by the songwriting of married-couple Steph Gunnoe (acoustic and electric guitar) and Sean McCollough (guitars, banjo, mandolin, keys), the band artfully fuses urban and rural themes and musical styles. Steph and Sean have performed together since the year 2000 and have always surrounded themselves with talented musicians to help bring their songs to life.  Currently the band includes Vince Ilagan (Justin Town Earl, Scott Miller, Jill Andrews, Circus #9) on bass and Jamie Cook (The Black Lillies, The Everybody Fields) on drums.