From the recording Makin' Up Stories

My dad was a Church of God preacher’s kid turned intellectual. He had an interdisciplinary PhD with enough graduate credit hours to teach philosophy, history and religious studies on the college level. As you might imagine, he loved the big questions - you know, the ones that have no clear answers. We shared that in common. After he faced some serious health issues, our phone calls were full of the big questions – especially the ones about mortality. Even as he faced his own, he remained comfortable with “letting the mystery be” (as Iris Dement says in her song). I strive to do the same.

I wrote this song shortly after his death. It spilled out quickly. It’s not a memorial. And it’s not exactly a tribute either. I think it’s more like a continuation of our conversations.

- Sean


Words and music by Steph Gunnoe

The Lonetones:
Sean McCollough – lead vocals, guitar, mandolin
Steph Gunnoe - vocals, electric guitar
Vince Ilagan - bass
Jamie Cook - drums

Special Guest:
Cecilia Miller - cello

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sean McCollough at Little Thing Studios
Produced by Sean McCollough and Steph Gunnoe
© Sean McCollough 2022, Little Thing Records, BMI